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Spinal Fusion

BMD-1231 is a bone graft substitute comprised of a targeted therapeutic and a collagen structural putty for use in spinal fusion procedures in lieu of autologous bone grafts. The osteogenic and bone-remodeling effects of BMD-1231 have been demonstrated to last 4-6 months from a single dose in rodent models. By activating multiple components of bone formation and remodeling, BiologicsMD's approach both provides a more complete repair response than other osteobiologics agents, and also minimizes off-target effects (e.g. hypercalcemia and kidney stones). The protein manufacturing process is nearing completion and the program is in pre-IDE development. 


Breast Cancer Matastasis

BMD-3151 is a fusion of a parathyroid antagonist to a collagen binding domain and is being studied for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer metastasis to the bone. The program is in the early preclinical development stage with animal efficacy data suggesting that the compound may prevent breast cancer bone metastases.