BiologicsMD Hair Cycle Stimulators


Whether it is human hair or animal fur, the hair cycle remains the same. Each follicle undergoes a well-characterized cycle: an Anagen growth phase, followed by a Catagen phase where the growth stops, and then a resting Telogen phase. Regardless of the disease mechanism, for disorders of hair loss including alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and chemotherapy-induced alopeica, the net phenotypic result is the same, hair loss. BiologicsMD has developed a pipeline of targeted therapeutics to restore normal hair growth and prevent hair loss through stimulation of the hair cycle. These novel Hair Cycle Stimulators offer a new approach to the treatment of hair loss. 

Recent scientific evidence has shown that beta-catenin is a central signaling protein in stimulating hair follicle transition to the anagen (growth) phase. BiologicsMD’s lead compound for alopecia areata – BMD-1141 – has been demonstrated to stimulate beta-catenin within the bulge of hair follicles through activation of the PTH/PTHrP receptor. With its targeted mechanism and strong hair cycle stimulatory effects, BMD-1141 is a first-in-class hair cycle stimulator designed to restore hair loss by stimulating the follicles into an anagen growth phase and potentially protecting against future hair loss.