BiologicsMD™ is a preclinical therapeutic development company focused on highly targeted or 'smart' therapies for hair loss and bone disorders.

BiologicsMD™ is a therapeutic development company focused on developing highly-targeted or ‘smart’ therapies for the treatment of hair loss diseases and conditions, as well as severe bone disorders. The company is developing a series of recombinant fusion proteins that provide powerful stimulatory effects directly to the target receptors at the point of disease – and do so with sustained therapeutic exposure in either a single dose or very infrequent dosing regimens. The company is working on formulation and delivery vehicles that can accommodate parenteral, local, and topical administration.

Changing the outlook for those suffering from hair loss.


BiologicsMD has three programs focused on the restoration of hair growth and the prevention of hair loss in conditions of alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and chemotherapy-induced alopecia. 

BiologicsMD's lead compound, BMD-1141, is a fusion of the active domain of parathyroid hormone coupled to a collagen binding domain. The collagen binding domain targets the therapeutic to the skin for distribute to and retention in the skin. There the active domain of parathyroid hormone stimulates the hair follicles and restores hair growth.


Exciting targeted therapies promise a new bone graft substitute for treating severe bone disorders and compounds for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer metastasis to the bone.