BiologicsMD™ Business Strategy

BiologicsMD, Inc., is developing highly targeted therapies for the treatment of hair loss disorders and bone injury or disease.  Our pipeline of  therapeutics takes advantage of the normal physiological distribution of Type I collagen throughout the body. BMD-1141, targeted to the skin, stimulates hair follicles to enter the growth phase, thereby restoring hair growth. Based on a strong body of preclinical efficacy and safety data, BiologicsMD is currently completing the necessary steps to begin human clinical trials. 

BiologicsMD expects to exit through out-licensing or sale of all or part of the company’s pharmaceutical pipeline to pharmaceutical companies  after early clinical development. 

Business or Partnering Opportunities with BiologicsMD™

If you would like to discuss business opportunities with BiologicsMD™ contact the CEO, David Owens.
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